• Pet Care. Reimagined

    At Auto-Pets™ we understand that pets are more than just animals – they are a part of our lives and members of the family. We aim to make your life with pets easier and more enjoyable through high quality, creative product solutions. That is why we have built a company that takes a fresh-eyes, and open-minded approach to everything we do – Pet care – Reimagined.


By targeting solutions, listening to our customers and refining our products, we have gained a loyal following. Through this process we offer products that can be trusted and relied on time and time again. Check out our line of products and see how Auto-Pets is changing the world of pet ownership.

The Litter Robot is an automatic litter box that frees you from the chore of scooping litter. It uses a patented sifting technology to dispose of waste and level clean litter for reuse, saving both time and money. With the Litter Robot, you and your cat can have the peace of mind of a clean litter box.

litter-robot.com | visit site 

The FeedSafe is the more secure way to feed your small pets. The dome shaped feeder keeps both larger pets out and potential mess in. The FeedSafe gives your small animal a safe place to eat, is easy to use, and makes cleaning a breeze.

feed-safe.com | visit site 

The KittyaGoGo is a line of designer litter boxes. Each litter box is enclosed with a unique design which keeps litter and odor hidden, while showing off you and your cat’s personal style. The KittyaGoGo blends both flare and convenience with its 6 designs and pull out tray for easy scooping.

kittyagogo.com | visit site 

The Kitty Play Zone is the perfect all in one starter kit for kittens. The set comes with an easy to assemble cardboard playhouse that can be built as either a cottage or castle, climbing post, loft, and feeding station with two stainless steel bowls. The Kitty Play Zone is also easily decorated making it fun for both children and kittens alike.

kittyplayzone.com | visit site 


While our company is vertically integrated handling all aspects from product concept to manufacturing and fulfillment, our management structure is flat, accessible, and cross functional – a culture where you will never hear, ‘that’s not my job’.  A culture where all employees are encouraged to reach their full potential.  Teamwork is not just a slogan – it requires work, active communication, continuous improvement, and sometimes swallowing your pride.   Our executive team embodies this philosophy every day.   Check out our executive team and learn more about the folks behind Auto-Pets™.

Brad Baxter

Brad Baxter

Founder and President

Brad Baxter is founder and president of Auto-Pets, and designer of Litter-Robot. Brad started his career at Ford Motor Company as a product engineer, and later started his own product development and engineering services firm. A eureka moment and desire to build a business around an innovative product gave birth to Auto-Pets and the Litter-Robot.

When Brad isn‘t working he’s out in the woods on a dirt bike! Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Chris has spent over 20 years managing businesses and assisting different types of organizations in achieving their goals. His core competencies include strategic business planning and development, supply chain management and lean manufacturing implementation. A vast majority of Chris’s previous experience has been spent in the pet industry which he says is, by far, his favorite to work in.

Outside of Auto-Pets™, Chris can be found running and training, doing charitable work on the weekends or hanging out with his wife and their two Yorkies and cat.

Dave Saterstad

Dave Saterstad

VP of Marketing

David has a bachelor’s degree from Walsh College and over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing with a focus on brand development, market strategy, and graphic design. His entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to be a part of a handful of successful start-up companies.

When David Saterstad is not managing marketing activities for AutoPets™, you could attempt to find him and his family camping deep in the woods or canoeing an obscure Northern Michigan river system with their Border Collie, Murphy.

Leigh Edwards

Leigh Edwards

Controller and Customer Service Manager

Leigh Edwards is Controller and Customer Service Manager for Auto-Pets™. Also responsible for streamlining business processes, Leigh is passionate about removing waste and improving efficiency as well as providing world class customer service. When Leigh isn‘t working she’s usually out riding a horse! Leigh holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Lead Product Engineer

Jason Smith is the lead engineer here at Auto-Pets™. Responsible for everything from napkin sketches to actual production, he uses his skill and experience to drive world class design into every product he is a part of. Jason brings to the table almost 20 years worth of experience from various product-centric industries. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Design Technology from Central Michigan University. Out of the office you can usually find Jason spending time with his family of four, working out, or in his endless pursuit of the perfect beach.



Chief Product Testing Officer

Cali is the resident cat here at Auto-Pets™. Cali’s day-to-day responsibilities include hiding under tables, moving from one room to another, munching on lunch, and most importantly, testing our various products.

Cali holds a bachelors degree from the University of Meowchigan. When not at work you can often find Cali purring around with her friend Todd.


Our products and people are great!  Or at least we think so, but we’re not the only ones saying that.  See what awards and mentions Auto-Pets has received over the years.

2012 Silver Medal

2012 Silver Medal – Product Excellence

On October 14, 2012, Auto-Pets™ was presented with the silver medal for Product Excellence for the Feed-Safe™.

Industry Recognition Award

Pet Business Industry Recognition Award

Each year, Pet Business honor innovation in the pet care category with their Industry Recognition Awards.  In 2012, Auto-Pets™ was honored to receive this award for the Litter-Robot™ in the ‘Cat Litter Maintenance’ category.

petbusiness.com | read article

APA 5 Star Approved

APA 5 Star Approved

APA Approval is the approval of a product based on APA Testing and research that insures a product is approved for real world intended usage and is considered safe, humane and as-advertised.  The Litter-Robot™ has been certified APA 5 Approved (#32883).

myapaonline.org | read article


American Pet Products Association

Auto-Pets™ is a proud member of the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

americanpetproducts.org | read article


Auto-Pets™ is dedicated to designing and manufacturing highly functional, easy-to-use, yet modern aesthetic products that keep your pets happy and safe while making pet care more enjoyable. We are committed to providing safe and effective products that are extremely dependable and when possible – Made in the USA. When you become a customer of Auto-Pets™ you become a member of the family and we view our in-house customer service as a critical pillar of our company’s  foundation.  As a customer you have made an investment, and we respect that. Our goal is simple:  Provide high value products that keep your pets happy and make your life easier.