Exciting Changes for Automated Pet Care Products, now Auto-Pets

autopets_buildingAuburn Hills, MI. (September 10, 2015) –  Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., creator of the popular automatic, self-cleaning cat litter box, Litter-Robot, is now Auto-Pets (www.autopets.com). The name change comes in concert with the company’s new building and this year’s aggressive marketing initiatives.

Auto-Pets™ opened its doors in 1999 in Pontiac, MI with the launch of the first Litter-Robot.  Since then the company has realized consistent sales growth, additional products, and has significantly increased its staff size.  This success allowed the company to purchase a building near downtown Auburn Hills, MI in 2014 and moved operations in March of 2015.  Auto-Pets™ also has an assembly plant in Juneau, WI.

At the center of Auto-Pets™ marketing initiatives is the investment in 6 new brand websites. Each of the company’s brands will have a fully redesigned and responsive e-commerce site.  Critical tools in designing the shopping experience of the new websites was the implementation of current e-commerce best practices and customer feedback Auto-Pets™ received over the years.

Auto-Pets™ launched the new www.autopets.com site in early July in preparation for the SuperZoo trade show. The website is intended to serve as an informational tool for customers interested in learning more about the company behind the products they enjoy.  The Auto-Pets™ site also acts as a point of contact for domestic and international retailers.

Auto-Pets™ is scheduled to roll out the balance of the new company websites in late 2015.

About Auto-Pets™

Established in 1999, Auto-Pets™  is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing highly functional, easy-to-use, yet modern aesthetic products that keep your pets happy and safe while making pet care more enjoyable.  Auto-Pets™ brands include Litter-Robot (www.litter-robot.com), Kitty a GoGo  (www.kittyagogo.com), Feed-Safe (www.feed-safe.com), Kitty Play Zone (www.kittyplayzone.com), and The Daily Whisker (www.thedailywhisker.com).