Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. Recognizes Real People Going Green

Earth Day Contest Generates 30 Recycling Tips

(Pontiac, MICH. April 22, 2011) In 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylor Nelson founded Earth Day surrounding the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. Each year on April 22nd millions of people celebrate Earth Day by making a pledge to do their part to maintain a healthy, sustainable environment.

This year, Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. announced an ‘Earth Day Ideas’ contest. Consumers were invited to share their recycling tips and energy saving ideas by posting a comment on the Litter-Robot™ web site at A random winner will be chosen to win and environmentally friendly Litter-Robot™ and a package of biodegradable litter pan liners on April 22nd 2011.

The results of the contest have been astonishing. Real people are going green! “Developing a list of recycling tips would be a helpful resource for anyone who is trying to be more environmentally friendly” said Brad Baxter, president of Automated Pet Care Products. “We have received so many great ideas that we decided to put them together and make them available to everyone.”

30 Recycling Tips and Energy Saving Ideas include:

  • Reuse packing material (bubble wrap, foam peanuts) that arrives in the mail
  • Put your television, cable box and other stereo components on a light switch to turn them all the way off so they are not energy vampires when not in use
  • Donate magazines after they have been read to doctor’s offices or beauty salons
  • Use cloth tote bags for shopping instead of the store’s plastic bags
  • Use the cat litter containers to make container gardens, bird seed storage or weeding buckets
  • Clean with vinegar
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL)
  • Use grey water for watering
  • Keep up with vehicular maintenance such as proper tire pressure and tune ups to improve gas mileage
  • Walk and ride a bike whenever possible
  • Make a homemade cat toy by rolling up a ball of yarn and tying a long string to the end
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and air-dry your clothes whenever possible
  • Repurpose yogurt containers into tubs or paints or plants
  • Turn your cat litter jugs into watering cans by drilling holes in the lid
  • Use solar shades in the western facing windows
  • Donate used books to the library
  • When shirts get old, use them as household rags
  • Use energy saving appliances
  • Do not use disposable dinnerware
  • Join a local Freecycle group
  • Cut old clothing into tie strips for garden plants
  • Make sure your window and door seals are secure to help regulate your home’s temperature
  • Use biodegradable trash bags
  • Sew a pet bed made out of your old clothing
  • Keep your thermostat set higher in the summer and lower in the winter
  • Compost all your fruit and veggie scraps then add the compost to your garden
  • Find a local tree trimmer and ask for their wood chips instead of buying mulch
  • Use reusable water bottles
  • Turn your onion and orange bags into scrubbies for washing dishes
  • Conserve heat…snuggle a kitty

Litter-Robot is made in the USA and costs $329 – $349 and includes shipping. It is available online at

About Litter-Robot

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., based in Pontiac, Mich., is the maker of the Litter-Robot™, the only automated, self-cleaning litter box product made in the USA.  The Litter-Robot makes life easier for cat owners by eliminating the daily hassle of litter box scooping.  An innovative and talented team has created a safe and reliable automatic self-cleaning litter box that is efficient, works flawlessly, and requires only minimal attention. The Litter-Robot made its market debut in April of 2000. Made from tough recyclable plastics and industrial grade components, the Litter-Robot was designed to last.  It is a quality appliance, not a dispensable product that needs to be replaced every year. The company stands behind this self-cleaning litter box with an 18-month full warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee. Litter-Robotis available for purchase online at