NBC Today Litter Box Review

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One of my obsessions is the perfect self-cleaning cat litter box. We’ve got two cats, so my dream is a litter box I never have to clean. I’ve tried them all and up till now the best one I’ve found has been the $200 LitterMaid Mega. Still, the LitterMaid isn’t perfect — it can get clogged up, and cleaning it every week or so is a chore I’d rather not have to deal with. So my new hot ticket for cat owners is the new Litter-Robot by Automated Pet Care Products. Built like a tank, the Litter-Robot is truly the Cadillac of cat waste disposal. It looks like a high-tech igloo and comes in either bone or black, and our two cats took to it right away. Employing a clever rotating motor assembly and sifting grate, the Litter-Robot completely automates the litter cleaning process — the only thing you have to do is empty the bag-lined tray once a week. ……. the Litter-Robot isn’t the cheapest cat gadget on the market. But if you’ve got a cat lover on your Xmas list, they’ll be forever in your debt when you present them with this life-changing miracle of technology. My highest recommendation!