Automated Pet Care Products Expands Product Line with Acquisition of Kitty A GoGo

Makers of Litter-Robot™ prepare to increase distribution of pet industry’s first functional and stylish litter box.

Pontiac, MICH. (October 14, 2011) – Automated Pet Care Products, the makers of the top-rated Litter-Robot™, is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired Kitty a GoGo, the pet industry’s first decorative and functional manual litter box. No more relegating the boring gray litter box to the far corners of the house. Kitty a GoGo™ brings style, personality and quality to the once overlooked litter box.

Kitty A GoGo™ was founded in 2003 by designer and former clothing buyer Sandy Strickland and medical design engineer Arieh Halpern. They found it an impossible challenge to find a functional and attractive litter box to place in their home. It seemed so little style and variety was available to cat owners – unlike the dog accessories on the market. And so, “banning the litter box blues” became the mission, and the idea of a decorative, whimsical, and functionally innovative cat litter box was born. After significant research, design and testing, Kitty A GoGo™ was developed.


“Kitty A GoGo™ has transformed the manual litter box industry by designing a product that combines function with style. The opportunity of integrating the cat accessory market with the current explosion in the home decor market offers huge possibilities to retailers,” said Brad Baxter, president of Automated Pet Care Products. “We’ve already received tremendously positive feedback and are confident that as we expand its distribution, Kitty A GoGo™ will be extremely well-received in the marketplace.”


Kitty A GoG™o features:

  • Easy to use; simply pull out the litter tray, pull the clumps forward with the rake and empty the clumps into waste receptacle;
  • Every decorative hood cover is hand-painted and available in six colors/patterns to choose from;
  • Each litter box comes with a decorative hood, sifter rake, hand scoop and disposable drawer liner;
  • All parts are made of the highest quality injected molded, high impact, stain resistant plastic.


Kitty A GoGo™ is available in six designer colors and patterns to match home décor, style and taste. Choose from Metallic Silver, Leopard Print, Polka Dot, Flower Print, Burl Wood and Black Lacquer. Kitty A GoGo™ sells for $129.99 (SRP) and is available online at and at select retailers.


About Automated Pet Care Products

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., based in Pontiac, Mich., is the maker of the Litter-Robot™, the only automated, self-cleaning litter box product made in the USA and Kitty a GoGo, the first decorative and stylish manual litter box on the market. Established in 1999, Automated Pet Care Products is committed to developing and offering innovative and functional products for pets and their owners. The Litter-Robotis available for purchase online at Kitty a GoGo is available for purchase online at and at selected retailers.